Stainless Steel Grille with alternatives


Stainless Steel Grille with alternatives

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These grilles were fitted to the AC500 race cars to promote the ABARTH name and get more cool air into the radiators.  They were painted satin black with the ABARTH logo in white. The world has changed and we have altered the grille.  It is now made from S17 Stainless Steel as against brushed mild steel and we are offering it in natural stainless, fold the tags and fit it.  Many people want to paint the grilles in different colours so we are selling the ABARTH logo as a sticker.  Or we can supply as before, as a satin black grille with the logo on it.

Instructions to fit ABARTH AC500 front grille

  1. Remove the front of the car, 9 x 30 Torx and 4 screws.
  2. Break the plastic rivets and remove the plastic grille.
  3. With the ABARTH text forward and visible the towing eye will be on the right-hand (UK driver’s side)
  4. Fold the seven tabs back towards the car
  5. Use seven M5 nuts and bolts, or rivets to secure the grille in place