D.A.D Engineered fuel bowser


the safest Pitlane Refuelling Bowser

The bowser is fitted with an FIA FT3 safety cell and is a sealed ATEX compliant fuel system. It includes an integrated fuel weight display, and ensures no fumes or vapour at any time.

Fuel safety is taking a higher profile as health and safety becomes more important. Refuelling in race garages has become more hazardous as pressures and workloads increase, and sponsor hospitality needs to be catered for.

To satisfy this, Aero Tec Laboratories and Dawson Auto Developments have worked together to design and build a zero-vapour bowser, making the motorsport environment safer for drivers, teams and guests alike.


  • 100/200 Litre Fuel Capacity
  • Internal 12v Battery with Anderson Plug
  • Pumps up to 50 litres per minute depending on hose and fittings
  • (2) Ø7/8" UNF Female Fittings (please note that the bowser is supplied without hoses)
  • Designed to fit underneath workbench (100L)
  • Sealed ATEX compliant fuel system
  • No fumes or vapour at any time
  • Integrated display of fuel weight with Gross, Nett and Tare
  • Fast, accurate filling with a data logger option to check values
  • Anti-static set-up

BOWSER options

100 Litre = 775 x 500 x 725mm (DxWxH) – 70kg empty.

170 Litre = 780 x 700 x 725mm (DxWxH)

200 Litre = 760x700x880mm (DxWxH)

This fuel transfer bowser has been designed to do three specific things in a totally closed loop, health and safety-compliant manner:

  1. Empty a race car without abusing the on-board pump, and measure the amount of fuel removed. (A tank upgrade might be required)
  2. Fill the transfer bowser from a standard drum, measuring the amount of fuel withdrawn and the total in the bowser; all this without changing the direction of the pump.
  3. Put the required amount of fuel into the car.

The bowser connects to the car or fuel drum with two connections: a hose for the fuel and a hose for the air displaced. The bowser is operated from an internal rechargeable 12v battery which is fitted with an Anderson plug. It is removed for charging and can be replaced with a car starting battery in an emergency.

An option is a fuel chiller - a 110/240v stand-alone unit that recirculates fuel and cools it, prior to the bowser being taken to the car.

Safety has been our prime concern in the design. The bowser tank is an ATL FIA FT3-1999 safety cell featuring a number of pump safety cut-outs; bowser tank full, car tank full, and pump working in air (car, drum or bowser empty). The bowser is installed in a commercial travel case, and when the top is closed the electrics are disabled.

The pump is ATEX compliant and always operates in the same direction. The in/out control gear is to IP65 protection standard and the electronics are housed in an IP65 case. This should not be necessary, but we would prefer to be 100% compliant. The load cell is mounted on a steel frame and has a load stop, so that if the bowser is dropped or subjected to high vertical forces whilst being transported the frame will take the load andnot the expensive load cell. At the ultimate extreme, the frame bends to stop the load cell being overloaded. The frame can then be repaired instead of the load cell.

We got a lot of useful feedback after prototype testing which we have taken on board; the production unit is now highly improved and ready to be made to your specific requirements.

Please contact ATL or D.A.D to discuss your order.

Prototype featured above

Prototype featured above