Dawson Auto Developments has been providing engineering excellence to motorsport clients since 1974. The brainchild of record-breaking rally driver and engineer Andy Dawson, DAD has helped countless motorsport brands to maximise their vehicles' potential. DAD is also the parent company of Abarth Racing UK, which has been preparing and supplying Abarth tuning parts to both road and racing drivers since 2010.



d.a.d fuel bowser

Designed and manufactured in conjunction with Aero Tec Laboratories, the D.A.D Refuelling Bowser offers teams an entirely new delivery and retrieval system. Engineered to FIA specifications and the highest safety ratings, the D.A.D refuelling bowser is also extremely cost effective.

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D.A.D Ltd has been servicing the amateur and professional motorsport industry since it was founded in 1974 by Chief Engineer Andy Dawson, who brings a unique approach to the process of automotive engineering.

Utilising Andy's unrivalled level of experience in both the race and rally environment, D.A.D has used this expertise to pioneer prototype projects and commercial manufacturing applications.

The freedoms of the seventies and eighties allowed engineers to design and build racing and rally cars unrestricted by tight homologation constraints. Today, we exist in a time of financial and resource economy and that has been the focus of D.A.D’s latest developments, the most recent of which is a vapour-free fuel bowser. Tested by race and rally teams in sprint and endurance, closed cockpit and open wheel sport, this bowser has been developed for one of the most famous names in current motorsport, Aero Tec Laboratories.


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